Professional Indemnity

There are a number of considerations to take into account when placing Professional Indemnity insurance. Broadly they can be broken down into three sections:

  • The insurer:
    • Are they a well established insurer for this class of insurance?
    • Do they have experience/expertise in the policyholder’s industry sector?
    • Do they have a good track record in terms of claims handling and settlement?
    • Are the individual underwriters knowledgeable in terms both of risk, cover, and the industry?
    • Can they provide any additional services (e.g. contract vetting)?
    • Do they have representation in all the territories where the cover may be required to respond?
  • The policy:
    • Is this policy on a full civil liability basis, or is it restricted to negligence only?
    • Is the policy specifically tailored to the industry sector (e.g. IT, Architects and Engineers, Media and Publishing) with appropriate cover extensions, or is it a generic Miscellaneous wording?
    • Is the cover wide enough in terms of the geographical limits (the territories in which the policyholder trades) and the jurisdictional limits (the courts in which a claim may have to be defended)?
    • Does the policy wording contain any clauses that compromise the cover (e.g. a requirement that subcontractors all carry their own Professional Indemnity insurance, which the policyholder cannot possibly guarantee)?
  • The specific cover:
    • Is the indemnity limit at the right level?
    • Is the indemnity limit on the correct basis (any one claim, or in the annual aggregate)?
    • Are the policy excesses set at an appropriate level?
    • Is the insurer aware of all the policyholder's business activities?

A high level of attention to detail is required to ensure that cover is appropriate to a policyholder’s needs – this is where a high quality broker can really demonstrate the value that they bring.

We have significant experience and knowledge in the placement of Professional Indemnity Insurance. We can provide cover for all sectors of business but we have particular expertise in the following:

  • Media/Advertising/Marketing
  • Management Consultants
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Information Technology/Software (see our Science and Technology page)
  • Managing Agents/Estate Agents/Surveyors
  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Design & Build Contractors
  • Recruitment Consultants

We have access to all major insurers and a number of specialist schemes and facilities which assist us in obtaining wide cover at competitive premiums.