EU Homes

For clients fortunate enough to own a property in the EU, the risks you face increase significantly.  Here are a few examples:

  • The cover provided by a policy issued by a UK insurer for a UK property is rarely likely to provide the same cover for a property abroad
  • Standard covers under a UK policy are often not replicated by locally purchased policies
  • Local laws will often impose additional restrictions e.g. a 2 year moratorium on claims settlements in France
  • Local policies will normally be issued in the local language. Not only will you need to understand the language but also interpret how the insurance differs from what you expect of your UK home insurer

We only work with established insurers with proven records of excellent claims services in the EU Holiday home/second home market. Policies are in English and wherever possible, should a claim arise, we look to provide the services of an English speaking loss adjuster who will work in your best interests. Most policies also include alternative accommodation whilst your property is being repaired or rebuilt.

Where necessary, if you want to rent your home out during periods of the year when not in use by you, your family or friends, the insurance can be adapted to incorporate these requirements.